Tracked2 School
Tracked2 School

Tracked2 is a track (or Level) editor for use with Monster Truck Madness 2 (MTM2). This editor will allow you to create new tracks that can be added to and used in the full version of mtm2. This tutorial is a simple walk-through to help get you started on making your first MTM2 track. The procedure takes you through making a simple oval circuit with a couple of checkpoints to run in the game. Before you begin, you should print Tracked2's basic keyboard commands and have them at your side as you work.


Lesson 1 - Getting Started.

Lesson 2 - Painting the terrain - textures.

Lesson 3 - Making the course.

Lesson 4 - Checkpoints.

Lesson 5 - Misc. track components.

Lesson 6 - Scenery and terrain.

Lesson 7 - Ground-boxes.

Lesson 8 - Making the Pod file.

Hopefully at the end of it, your track will look something like this:

Download the completed sample track file (23Kb zipped).

Lesson 9 - Additional notes.

Lesson 10 - Windows XP.

Created: Aug 15 2002

Updated: Mar 17 2004