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Intermediate FastLaps & Garage Settings (Stock Tracks)
Track Lap Driver Garage
Farm Road 291:01.95RobbyH142000 mm
The Heights2:13.81RobbyH141900 dm
Scrapyard Run1:06.33RobbyH141700 dm
The Graveyard1:16.75RobbyH141800 dm
Crazy '980:50.63RobbyH142000 mh
Sidewinder Canyon2:31.21RobbyH141900 dm
Torture Pit0:30.72RobbyH141200 dm
Voodoo Island2:17.76RobbyH141900 mm
The Excavation1:06.73RobbyH141800 dm
Tinhorn Junction2:27.77RobbyH141700 ms
Breakneck Ridge0:55.15RobbyH142000 mm
Tumbleweed Flats3:53.49RobbyH141800 ds
Arena Rumble  
Pyramid Rumble  
Hypercube Rumble