Truck O Rama MTM-1 Archive
Latest News (05-27-03)
*Grand Re-Location*
In homage to kingdave, the Truck O Rama is now hosted on Enjoy as kingdave intended it.
Latest News (10-29-01)
*Grand Re-Opening*
I have redone the site so that it now includes all of the trucks that I had collected after the site was built the first time. The site now contains all of the MTM-1 trucks that I have in my collection, they total 165 trucks in all.
Latest News (10-09-00)
I have taken all the MTM-2 Trucks and converted them to MTM-1 style. The trucks are directly converted from MTM-2, the sounds are the same as well as the handling. They are available in 1 pod or 2 seperate pods, click the link the left.
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