How To Build A Simple Model From The Ground Up

Building bins from scratch is not as hard to do as some people seem to think. I know because I used to be one of those people. When I first attempted to build one with Oliver Pieper's haystack tutorial years ago I failed miserably and promptly tossed Binedit out the windows95 for a good six months. When I eventually picked it up again I quickly found that it's all just a matter of taking some time to learn the basics because once you have a good grasp of the basics there's virtually no limit to what you can create except perhaps by your own lack of motivation or imagination.

This tutorial is geared towards those that are new to creating bins and Binedit itself in general.
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Page One Plotting Vertex Coordinates
Page Two Applying Vertex Coordinates
Page Three Adding Faces Prep.
Page Four Adding Faces, Types, & Vertex Order
Page Five Adding Faces
Page Six Mapping 101
Page Seven Mapping 102