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2.1 Drags are meant for Community Patch Beta 0.43 and newer. They do not work with the original game version. Please check out the forum for more info.

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17 tracks when searching kingkrunch
Track Maker Type/Revue Lap Time Driver Sets
Bakersfield County Fair MattInTheHat56/kingkrunchDrag
CFMTS @ Southwestern International Raceway kingkrunchDrag
CFMTS @ Southwestern International Raceway kingkrunch (fixed by trainboy911)Drag
CFMTS Heart-O-Texas Speedway Matt "kingkrunch" DemkoJunk Upload
Conroe Motorspeed Way kingkrunchDrag
Houston Astrodome 1996 kingkrunchDrag
Houston Motorsports Park 08 kingkrunchDrag
I-10 Motor Speedway kingkrunchDrag
MJM @ Oberhausen (Fixed) KingKrunch Drag
MJM@Germany 2009 kingkrunchDrag
Monster Jam @ Giants Stadium 2009 kingkrunchDrag
Monsters on Mainstreet 2008 (Fixed) KingKrunch & DestroyerfanDrag
SPHRA @ HMP KingKrunch and JerOutlawDrag
St. Louis 1999 kingkrunchDrag
Thunder Hill Speedway CFMTS Matt "kingkrunch" DemkoJunk Upload
TMSS Lady Luck Speedway KingKrunch/Jr SeasockJunk Upload
WMTCS San Antonio 2010 matt "kingkrunch" DemkoDrag

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