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2.1 Drags are meant for Community Patch Beta 0.43 and newer. They do not work with the original game version. Please check out the forum for more info.

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23 tracks when searching MadMudnut
Track Maker Type/Revue Lap Time Driver Sets
1987 USHRA Astrodome Finals Blizzard, updated by MadMudNutDrag
600 ms
1991 Astrodome JerOutlaw/MadMudNutDrag
600 ms
Anaheim 1991 Z Track MadMudNutDrag
600 ms
Budweiser MT Showdown (PPRL version) MadMudNut (edited by Kouvre)Drag
IMTRL @ UVA 2008 (2in1) MadMudNutDrag
IMTRL Anaheim 2008 MadMudNutDrag
IMTRL Smash Off MadMudNutDrag
IMTRL VA Beach Monster Energy Mayhem Tour 2008 MadMudNutDrag
IMTRL World Finals **Updated** MadMudNutDrag
IMTRL World Finals**FIXED** MadMudNutDrag
MLMT Charollte 07 MadMudNutDrag
600 ms
MLMT Miami 2007 Fixed MadMudNut and RKMDrag
600 ms
MTC Hampton VA (3in1) MadMudNutDrag
MTC Nashville (2in1) MadMudNutDrag
Pontiac Sliverdome 1989 MadMudNutDrag
600 ms
Richmond VA 2006 Monster Jam MadMudNutDrag
600 ms
The TNT Monster Truck Challenge (updated) MadMudnutDrag
600 ms
TNT At Virginia Motor Speedway MadMudNutDrag
600 ms
TNT Monster truck Challange MadMudNutDrag
600 ms
TNT Roanoke VA 1990 MadMudNutDrag
600 ms
TNT Roanoke VA 1990 (Final Version) MadMudNut (fixed by DiggerFan)Drag
Virginia Beach, Virginia Track Pack MadMudNutDrag
Virginia Motor Speedway 2007 MadMudNutDrag
600 ms

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