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2.1 Drags are meant for Community Patch Beta 0.43 and newer. They do not work with the original game version. Please check out the forum for more info.

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32 tracks when searching JerOutlaw
Track Maker Type/Revue Lap Time Driver Sets
1991 Astrodome JerOutlaw/MadMudNutDrag
600 ms
2009 CFP Winston Salem FIXED JerOutlaw and Travis SewlioDrag
Astrodome 1991*FIXED* JerOutlaw/Mad Mud NutDrag
Camel Tampa 1992 JerOutlawDrag
CFP Winston-Salen 2009 JerOutlaw and SewlioDrag
Chicago Fairgrounds JerOutlaw and GriffDrag
EDGE Motorsports PG 2008 JerOutlawDrag
Houston Astrodome 1992 JerOutlawDrag
Kitimat Fairgrounds JerOutlawDrag
KitimatFairgrounds*FIXED* JerOutlawDrag
Lima, Ohio 1993 JerOutlawDrag
Louisville Speedway 1992 JerOutlaw/BowtieBanditDrag
MTM1 Retro Drag Pack JerOutlawDrag
NCPC Burnslake (2in2) JerOutlawDrag
600 ms
NCPC Fraserlake (2in2) JerOutlawDrag
600 ms
NCPC Houston (2in2) JerOutlawDrag
600 ms
NCPC Smithers (2in2) JerOutlawDrag
600 ms
NCPC Vanderhoof (2in2) JerOutlawDrag
600 ms
New Hazelton NCPC (2in2) JerOutlawDrag
600 ms
New Orleans 1991 CAMEL JerOutlawDrag
PENDA AFJ Fairgrounds Malibu350 & JerOutlawDrag
PENDA Finals RCA Dome JerOutlawDrag
PENDA Hetfield Fairgrounds JerOutlaw and Bowtie BanditDrag
PG Mini Course JerOutlawDrag
Pontiac 1991 JerOutlawDrag
Pontiac Silverdome 1992 JerOutlawDrag
Raleigh North Carolina 1992 JerOutlawDrag
SPHRA @ HMP KingKrunch and JerOutlawDrag
SPHRA Lima, OH 2009 JerOutlaw/Xtreme_RTMDrag
Stampede Grounds JerOutlawDrag
Terrace Speedway NCPC JerOutlawDrag
600 ms
VTRUC Race 14 - Silver Spring Speedway JerOutlawDrag

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