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2.1 Drags are meant for Community Patch Beta 0.43 and newer. They do not work with the original game version. Please check out the forum for more info.

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36 tracks when searching JackMProductions
Track Maker Type/Revue Lap Time Driver Sets
'02 Prochera Stadium MJ (15th Anniversary Edition) JackMProductions/Griff CarnageDrag
Action Sports Arena, OC Fair (Costa Mesa, CA) JackMProductionsDrag
Atlanta Custom JackMProductionsDrag
Atlanta, GA Monster Jam 2002 JackMProductionsDrag
Domination in the Dome 2 (New Orleans Custom) JackMProductionsDrag
Fort Union Stadium Monster Jam (Custom) JackMProductions/PM CustomsDrag
Houston Astrodome 2001 Rd. 4 JackMProductionsDrag
Houston Havoc 2017 (Custom) FIXED JackMProductionsDrag
Masters of Metal: Florida JackMProductionsCircuit
Masters of Metal: Illinois JackMProductionsCircuit
Masters of Metal: Louisiana JackMProductionsCircuit
Masters of Metal: New York JackMProductionsCircuit
Masters of Metal: Texas JackMProductionsCircuit
Miami, Oklahoma 2011 JackMProductionsDrag
Minneapolis (Custom) BETA final JackMProductionsBeta
Minneapolis,MN 2001 Monster Jam Stop 1 JackMProductionsDrag
Monster Jam Houston, TX 2001 Round 2 JackMProductionsDrag
Monster Jam Indianapolis, IN 2003 JackMProductionsDrag
Monster Jam Minneapolis, MN 2001 Stop 2 JackMProductionsDrag
Monster Jam Minneapolis, MN 2002 Stop 1 JackMProductionsDrag
Monster Jam Minneapolis,MN (Custom) JackMProductionsDrag
Monster Jam Oakland,CA 2008 JackMProductionsDrag
Monster Jam Orlando, FL 2003 JackMProductionsDrag
Monster Jam Orlando,FL 2001 JackMProductionsDrag
Monster Jam San Antonio,TX 2002 JackMProductionsDrag
Monster Jam San Antonio,TX 2003 JackMProductionsDrag
Monster Truck Showdown Mexicali, MX 2007 JackMProductionsDrag
Monsters on the Bay PM Customs/JackMProductionsDrag
Motor Madness Atlanta, GA 2000 JackMProductionsDrag
Motor Madness Miami, FL 2000 JackMProductionsDrag
Sandy Cove Raceway Park 2017 JackMProductions/DodgeDude2004Drag
St. Louis 2002 Monster Jam (Fix) JackMProductionsDrag
Tacoma Terror 2018 (Custom) JackMProductionsDrag
Tampa, FL 2001 Monster Jam JackMProductionsDrag
Tampa, FL 2002 Monster Jam JackMProductionsDrag
TNT Fairgrounds JackMProductionsDrag

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