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2.1 Drags are meant for Community Patch Beta 0.43 and newer. They do not work with the original game version. Please check out the forum for more info.

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31 tracks when searching Destroyerfan
Track Maker Type/Revue Lap Time Driver Sets
1997 U.S. Truckfest DestroyerfanDrag
2nd Annual Jesse Birgy Memorial Show DestroyerfanFreestyle
Anaheim MJ 2000 DestroyerfanDrag
Custom Charleston MJ DestroyerfanDrag
Custom MJ World Finals DestroyerfanDrag
Custom MJ World Finals Rnd. 2 DestroyerfanDrag
Custom New Orleans MJ DestroyerfanDrag
Domination in the Dome (Pontiac, MI 2010) DestroyerfanDrag
Houston Astrodome 11/14/1998 DestroyerfanDrag
Houston Astrodome 1999 DestroyerfanDrag
Houston Astrodome 2001 (Steel Wall) DestroyerfanDrag
Houston Astrodome 2001 (TNN First Stop) DestroyerfanDrag
Jesse Birgy Memorial Show DestroyerfanDrag
Lucas Oil Stadium (custom) DestroyerfanDrag
Minneapolis Metrodome (custom) DestroyerfanDrag
Minneapolis Metrodome 1998 DestroyerfanDrag
Minneapolis Metrodome Rnd. 2 DestroyerfanDrag
Monster Jam World Finals 1 DestroyerfanDrag
Monster Jam World Finals 3 DestroyerfanDrag
Monster Jam World Finals II (lower lag) DestroyerfanDrag
Monsters on Mainstreet 2008 (Fixed) KingKrunch & DestroyerfanDrag
New Orleans 1999 DestroyerfanDrag
New Orleans 2000 DestroyerfanDrag
New Orleans 2001 DestroyerfanDrag
Pontiac Silverdome 1999 DestroyerfanDrag
Reliant Stadium (custom) Rnd. 2 DestroyerfanDrag
Reliant Stadium (Custom) Rnd. 3 DestroyerfanDrag
Reliant Stadium MJ DestroyerfanDrag
San Antonio 1999 DestroyerfanDrag
Tom Meents' Old House DestroyerfanFreestyle
VTRUC 2010 Race 3: Metrodome Destroyerfan/KouvreArena

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