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2.1 Drags are meant for Community Patch Beta 0.43 and newer. They do not work with the original game version. Please check out the forum for more info.

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87 tracks when searching DaveTheSmasher
Track Maker Type/Revue Lap Time Driver Sets
1986 USHRA Small Arenas DaveTheSmasherPack
2005 Texas Stadium Monster Jam DaveTheSmasherDrag
600 ms
2006 Christmas Madness ODaveTheSmasherDrag
600 ms
2006 Fall Madness DaveTheSmasherDrag
600 ms
2006 Free Country Arena ODaveTheSmasherDrag
600 ms
2006 Molson Ice Arena DaveTheSmasherDrag
600 ms
2006 Monster Jam Oberhausen Germany DaveTheSmasherDrag
600 ms
2006 PPRL WF Monster Jam (5in1) ODaveTheSmasherDrag
600 ms
2006 PPRL WF TNT RTR DaveTheSmasherDrag
600 ms
2006 Stafford Springs Monster Jam Summer Heat ODaveTheSmasherDrag
600 ms
2007 B.C. Place Monster Jam ODaveTheSmasherDrag
600 ms
2007 Dunkin Donut Center Monster Jam ODaveTheSmasherDrag
600 ms
2007 Free Country Arena Monster Jam DaveTheSmasherDrag
600 ms
2007 PPRL Xmas Mayhem DaveTheSmasherDrag
2010 Tonawanda, New York Blizzard & DaveTheSmasherDrag
2010 VTRUC Triple Crown - Reliant Stadium DaveTheSmasher/KouvreDrag
2k6 USMTRA Monster Mash DaveTheSmasherDrag
600 ms
2k7 PPRL Halloween Havoc ODaveTheSmasherDrag
600 ms
2k8 WichitaThunder Nationals ODaveTheSmasherDrag
AMP Thunder Slam: Jonesboro, AK ODaveTheSmasherDrag
Brooklyn Fair Replica (5in1) ODaveTheSmasherFree Roam
CFP @ Pocatello 2009 RKM & DaveTheSmasherArena
CFP @ Pocatello 2010 RKM & DaveTheSmasherArena
Chattanooga Thunder Nationals 08 DaveTheSmasherDrag
Circuit Challenge @ Monster Mania DaveTheSmasherCircuit
Classic Clash @ Monster Mania DaveTheSmasherDrag
DCSES: Fall Madness 2008 DaveTheSmasherDrag
DCSES: Halloween Havoc 2008 ODaveTheSmasherDrag
Dunkin Donut Center 2006 Monster Jam (9in1) DaveTheSmasherDrag
600 ms
Dunkin' Donut Center 04 (2in1) DaveTheSmasherDrag
600 ms
Dunkin' Donut Center 2005 (2in1) DaveTheSmasherDrag
600 ms
European Monster Truck Show DaveTheSmasherDrag
600 ms
Fall Madness 2005 DaveTheSmasherDrag
600 ms
Fall Madness 5 DaveTheSmasherDrag
Firebird International Raceway DaveTheSmasherFreestyle
I-95 Speedway hosts MM WC! ODaveTheSmasherDrag
700 ms
MJM World Finals (Qualifying Version Only) DaveTheSmasher,+DiggerFan
>RKM, White2098, Slickster,
DaveTheSmasher, DiggerFan
Molson Ice Arena 2007 Monster Jam DaveTheSmasherDrag
600 ms
Monster Mania 2010 DaveTheSmasherDrag
Monster Mania 2010 (Fixed) DaveTheSmasherDrag
MTM2 Thunder Nats *(Freestyle)* SuddenImpact & DaveTheSmasherFreestyle
600 ms
MTM2 Thunder Nats Final Race *(Racing)* SuddenImpact & DaveTheSmasherDrag
600 ms
PPRL Christmas Mayhem 3 DaveTheSmasherDrag
PPRL Classic Clash 2007 ODaveTheSmasherDrag
800 ms
PPRL Fall Madness 3 DaveTheSmasherDrag
600 ms
PPRL Shell Shootout 2007 ODaveTheSmasherDrag
800 ms
PPRL World Finals 2 ODaveTheSmasherDrag
800 ms
PPRL World Finals 3 DaveTheSmasherDrag
ProDRO/PPRL Classic Clash 2008 Kouvre/DaveTheSmasherDrag
SHS World Finals 2005 DaveTheSmasherDrag
700 ms
Silver Spring Speedway DaveTheSmasherDrag
600 ms
Silver Spring Speedway (ProDRO Edition) (and+Kouvre)>DaveTheSmasher
(and Kouvre)
600 ms
Silver Spring Speedway MJ Summer Heat DaveTheSmasherDrag
700 ms
SPHRA @ Free Country Arena 09 DaveTheSmasherDrag
SPHRA Anarchy Arena Tour @ Providence ODaveTheSmasherDrag
Sphra Euro Tour: Oberhaussen graveyard and DaveTheSmasherDrag
SPHRA Monster Wars @ Pocono Crazyman9 & DaveTheSmasherDrag
SPHRA Thunder Jam @ Bangor DaveTheSmasherDrag
SPHRA Thunder Jam @ BC Place DaveTheSmasherDrag
SPHRA Thunder Jam @ Edwards Jones Dome ODaveTheSmasherDrag
SPHRA Thunder Jam @ Gillette Stadium DaveTheSmasherDrag
SPHRA Thunder Jam @ Houston DaveTheSmasherDrag
SPHRA Thunder Jam @ Kansas City DaveTheSmasherDrag
SPHRA Thunder Jam @ Providence DaveTheSmasherDrag
SPHRA Thunder Jam @ Tonawanda DaveTheSmasherDrag
SPHRA Thunder Jam Jonesboro DaveTheSmasherDrag
SPHRA: Aiea, Hawaii DaveTheSmasherDrag
Thunder Nationals on the Board Walk DaveTheSmasherDrag
600 ms
TNT Beach Challange (2in1) DaveTheSmasherDrag
700 ds
TNT July 4th Bash DaveTheSmasherDrag
700 ms
TNT Milwaukee Mile DaveTheSmasherDrag
700 ms
TNT World Series DaveTheSmasherDrag
700 ms
TNT World Series (2in1) ODaveTheSmasherDrag
900 ms
TNT- Texas Stadium DaveTheSmasherDrag
600 ms
TNT-RIR (2in1) DaveTheSmasherDrag
600 ms
VML Compound Open House DaveTheSmasherFree Roam
VTRUC 2010 Race 2: Free Country Arena DaveTheSmasherDrag
VTRUC Race 10 - Silver Spring Speedway DaveTheSmasher/KouvreDrag
Washington County Fair SH ODaveTheSmasherDrag
600 ms
WMTCS Track Props 2010 DaveTheSmasherPack
WMTCS: Chaos Tour @ Hartford DaveTheSmasherDrag
WMTCS: Chaos Tour @ Jonesboro DaveTheSmasherDrag
WMTCS: Chaos Tour @ Kansas DaveTheSmasherDrag
WMTCS: Chaos Tour World Finals @ Providence DaveTheSmasherFreestyle
WMTCS: Thunder Jam @ Houston DaveTheSmasherDrag
WMTCS: Thunder Jam @ Vancouver OutlawedRacing & DaveTheSmasherDrag
WMTCS: Thunder Jam World Finals @ Yankee Stadium DavetheSmasher & Crazyman9Drag

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